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Quicken alternative once was the only software in the market, but with the advancement of technology, the game changed. Therefore, various alternatives were brought down in the market that easily competed with Quicken. This software help in managing your money better.


What is Quicken?

Quicken is a finance software that is developed by Intuit the company that was behind Turbo Tax in 1982. Quicken is now independent as it was sold by Intuit. The firm Intuit owns Mint and focuses on the cloud-based services and not the old-school desktop software.

Quicken alternative services range from around $40 up to around $165. Quicken was earlier a new technology, therefore it was expensive back then but now it has several versions as per your usage.

The basic version of Quicken allows you to track and pay bills, set up bill alerts, automatically import transactions, categorize spending, create a budget, and gives you your credit score.


Why Switch into a Quicken Alternative?



Since Intuit marketed Quicken, nobody is certain of its potential. That background established technology is becoming more and more obsolete, so it is not outside the realm of chance that the program is going to be stopped.

Needing to download budgeting applications to monitor financing seems incredibly obsolete. Thus does having to cover to monitor your finances. If you would like to use the quicken mobile program, you still must get the application and sync it with your own computer.

If all this seems like a hassle, then have a look at some quicken alternative options for your cash management.



Personal Capital


Personal Capital is the favorite money management applications of time. We have used it for decades, and we continue to be astounded by this effective software.

What is so good about Personal Capital? For starters, it is free of charge.

That is pretty amazing considering they offer you a thorough group of cash tools in one handy location. You might even use it to look at your investments for pricey prices and compute if you are saving enough for retirement.

So, how does this function?

Simply speaking, Personal Capital synthesizes the information from all of your accounts and provides an entire financial picture that is simple to comprehend.

Simply link Personal Capital for your own bank, credit, and investment balances and allow the app to do the heavy lifting. It imports your trades and computes how you’re spending contrasts with your financial plan.

Unlike various other options to quicken alternative, Personal Capital is much more than simply budgets.

This program also provides a highly effective investment management instrument. They monitor your strength allocation, tracks your investment operation, and assesses your fees. It takes your retirement objectives to consideration and quotes your retirement income/expenditures according to your financial information.

It may seem like a lot happening, but the program is remarkably user-friendly. An overview of your fiscal situation is on the dashboard the moment you start the program.

With all these cash tools being supplied free of charge, you may be asking yourself how Personal Capital really makes money. Fantastic question. They also offer you fee-based wealth management solutions. Those are completely optional, and you are on no account bound to subscribe. Lots of customers like the free package of tools with no wealth management solutions.

In my view, Personal Capital gives the finest free cash management software in the marketplace. Having a strong group of cash tools along with also a free price label, this app blows most other options to Quicken from the water. Have a look at our comprehensive Personal Capital review to learn more!




Tiller HQO one of the very common personal finance programs out there's a tiny software program called Microsoft Excel.

People today love clocks.

The sole real downside to spreadsheets is the way you have to pull the information your self. And that actually wants to accomplish that? Quicken was back in the day when there were not nearly as numerous sync problems because it pulled on the information for you.

There is a solution:

You may begin with one of the free templates or build your own, however, following the first work, you will have a fully automatic dictionary tailored to everything you want. You may use this to monitor your net worth, decide on a budget, or whatever else you can imagine. (See our overview of Tiller)

Why it's far better than quicken alternative is currently cloud-based so in the event that you'd like to avoid placing your data to the cloud, then going with a recorder is the very best alternative. Tiller makes it feasible that you receive automation AND maintain your information locally.


Money dance


Money dance used to only be a desktop program, but it has made the transfer to cellular. (And Linux fans can use it as well!)

This program permits you to make a budget, provides you with bill-pay reminders, creates helpful financial graphs and charts and provides investment support. You are able to connect your account on the internet for automatic upgrades or enter your information manually.

Out of all of the other options, we believe Money dance comes closest to Quicken.

Money dance provides you with useful reports and graphics which could help us visual-thinkers envision our budgets and expenses. Along with the program will even monitor your investment portfolios and also keep you current on what is happening with your shares.




Just like Quicken, the Mint program lets you see all your accounts in 1 area. Just link your account, and also the Mint program tracks your whole financial life. During their desktop computer or mobile program, you may utilize Mint's budgeting applications, monitor your investments, and see your own categorized expenses.

They also supply user’s alarms and guidance, in addition to the capacity to find a free credit score. This can be a fun feature that makes it possible to track your invoices and pay them straight through the program.






You're budgeting with the cash you made the prior month, not the amount of money you'll be making the subsequent month.

YNAB is largely for budgeting, and a lot of this information has inputted manually. This makes you far more conscious of your spending since you need to log in trades rather than having them.

For those who have problems keeping up with your finances, you might give up on YNAB since you don't need to manually enter trades. YNAB does not monitor investments; it is mostly a budgeting method.

Count About


Best Paid Quicken Choice Count About made especially for a Quicken alternative. It's also among the few programs that enable users to import information directly from Quicken (it also enables users to import information out of Mint). The program is only accessible on the internet or through an iOS or Android program, therefore there's absolutely not any software to install or download. This makes it effortless to handle your cash on the move. Users may join multiple banks, credit cards, and bank reports, and download information when they log into. Count About additionally features Multi-factor login security and great security. There's a 15-day trial.


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