Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions these are the terms and conditions of Quicken. These terms and conditions will apply when you use the Products and the Services of the. Quicken or whenever you will visit the website of Quicken.

The terms are divided into three parts:

These terms Website Terms and conditions are on applicable to the customers of US users (quicken.com)and Canada users(quicken.com/Canada/)

Quicken Membership Agreement.

Quicken privacy statement in this you agree that we can have your data and use it which includes your data. We can also share the personal data of yours if needed everything has been described in Quicken Privacy Statement(quicken.com/privacy).

so here it is defined as that your unnoticeable or aggregated data can be collected. Or used or any other details and information we get while you use our products and services. It is all for the research work or checking and tracking the performances.

We are the global industry, so we use the standard technology in all the countries for the high security. As an example, we can have access. Or we can also store the information that will be personal in different countries which includes the country. You are present and with others too if allowed by the law.

You agree to the terms if you sign in or activate or you are using the Products and services, visiting a Quicken website or any other actions you are taking towards the agreement. If you disagree with the terms and conditions, then you have to stop using the products and services. If you are a fresh member and have been here less than 230 days, then you can also get the refund from the membership.

I. Website Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can change from time to time. You can only access when you accept the terms and conditions. If you disagree for some reason, then you will not be able to use our services.

License and access to the site there is a limited license for accessing and use for the personal use in the place. If you want to use another application, so you need to have a separate license agreement. Monitoring the site- no one can stop us from tracking the location. Feedback- in the agreement you agree to terms that we can use your input in any manner. We can use the feedback given by you to make changes or modify our works etc.

Third party services and products– if you are using the sites then you will be told about products and the services and many other efforts from third-party services. You agree to the terms that the third party will be the one responsible for the products or services of theirs

II. Quicken Membership Agreement

It applies to the products and services use. Products include all the Quicken software and some of the related third party software too. And services stand for the functions like the downloading process of data from the third party or payments of the bills.

When you are using the Products and Services you have to agree to the following terms:

You have to give the accurate and correct information at the time of the registration- the information regarding you should all be the one you have in your official documents. As no wrong information is accepted at the time of booking. Giving the wrong details can be harmful too.

We have to create and manage my self and also have to keep secure your entire log in more information- you have to organize all your login details by yourself s you need to make sure no one has access to it o it is that simple. You have to keep your all login details secured.

Are you need to have or create a backup of all the content of yours- the content you have in it is beneficial and sometimes if by mistake you misplace that then you should always be prepared by a backup data.

You have to keep all the third party information secures too- as talked about it above you have to keep all the data and information security.

Personally must prevent any unauthorized access to your account. Things you have to agree not to do.

Yourself can give or sell any products and services to the third party systems.

You can’t provide access to anyone unauthorized system.

May can’t develop or have any kinds of software to interface with our services and products.

We are not responsible for the content you have nr do our suppliers only you will be the responsible person of your content.

If you want to have communication we can communicate with you– the agreement made by you include that you agree we can use your personal information to contact you like if you have given any of your emails or contact no, then we can contact you through them. You permit to use all your contact information to us. There can be times that we can use that data for the promotion of our services too.

We will provide no professional advice. Payments and Subscriptions

You have to pay through the method that we are accepting no other way be will be entertained. It can include the payments through credit card or debit card and electronic means etc. only options given by us.

If the information on the amounts given is wrong, all your licenses can get terminated and can also refuse the future use of Products and Services.

The commitment of satisfaction– if you are unsatisfied by any of our products and services then you can contact us for the refund process but it should be before 30days of use, but before that, you need to uninstall it and delete all the copies too. You can get the process of refund through the following link: https://www.quicken.com/refund